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HIT BAND - Young Girl, Lady Willpower, Woman Woman and many more.

1967 saw 'Woman, Woman' issued as the first in a run of 7 single releases for the Union Gap (featuring Gary Puckett) charting at No.4

Over the next 4 years, more chart success followed with influential hits including 'Lady Willpower' 'Over You' 'This Girl is a Woman Now'  & the 1968 iconic worldwide No.1 'Young Girl'.

During this golden period, Union Gap also recorded six successful studio albums which were released on both sides of the Atlantic.

In 1974 'Young Girl' was re-released in the UK reaching No.6

Fast forward to today & 'Union Gap' (UK) faithfully recreate the original sounds of the  'Union Gap' chart hits from 1968-1974 and more.


During 2017 and 2018 The Union Gap uk toured with Gary Puckett in the UK and Europe and for this, they were billed simply as 'Gary Puckett and the Union Gap' celebrating 50 years since 'Young Girl' was released.

As a side note, Gary Puckett fully endorses the band.


Tom Harding - guitar/vocals (one-time member of 'Honeybus')  who has been with the band continuously for the past twenty years.

Plus the more recent additions of Paul Grogan - drums/backing vocals (ex Charlie Lansborough - appearing with Sir Cliff Richard in 1996) & Simon Paul - bass/vocals (who has a background in various musical genres from West End Stage shows to supporting various Chart Acts during the 1990s).

The band continues to perform on all the major 60's festivals in the UK and abroad together with appearances for major UK holiday resorts and has also found time to be part of a premier 60's theatre tour.



  • Lady Willpower

  • There goes my first Love

  • The Same old Feeling

  • You’ve got your troubles

  • If paradise is half as nice

  • Silence is golden

  • Elenore

  • Flowers in the rain

  • Out of time

  • Black is black

  • Love grows

  • Lovin things

  • Woman woman

  • Sherry

  • December 63

  • Sugar baby love

  • Young girl

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