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6 points to help make your garden party a success...

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Garden parties are as quintessentially British as afternoon tea and Victoria sponge cake, dating back to the mid 1800s among the higher branches of society. Thankfully recent trends mean we are all using our gardens to entertain, BBQ's, Tea and Sandwiches or even just a good get together with Pimms and quite a few large glasses of Gin.

1. Create that Party Vibe.

Nothing says there’s a party quite like simple balloons and bunting! Add a splash of colour to your garden and party table by decorating with striking colours. Hang bold bunting and balloons to instantly brighten the occasion.

2. Don't forget to be shady!

Provide seating in shady areas so there is always somewhere for guests to sit back and people watch will help make people comfortable on what we hope will be a warm day.

3. Cover Up.

2020/2021 saw a huge increase in garden parties and the demand for outdoor entertainment. Whilst the idea is lovely, the British weather is indecisive at times to say the least, ensure your guest and entertainment have appropriate cover, especially if your having a vocalist or a band as they will need to protect their equipment from wind, rain and who knows, maybe even snow!

4. Everybody needs good neighbours.

If you're not inviting next door be sure you warn the neighbours when booking a band/DJ/Vocalist, as you won’t want the police turning up as unexpected guests dialling down the party.

5. Protect the valuables.

A great party will usually have the food and drinks flowing and music playing throughout, however if you have always loved that statue on the patio or potted Olive tree by the pond, it may be worth thinking about moving the things you love to parts of the garden where footfall may be quieter, we don't want any accidents.

6. Lighten up.

If your Garden party will run into the evening, consider lighting for your guests. Outdoor LED festoon or fairy lights are relatively inexpensive and add a nice ambient glow in the evening. Throws and blankets are also a nice touch in case the weather turns a little cool.

Some excellent ideas for outdoor entertainment are shown below.

  • Fire Performers

  • Face Painters

  • Balloon Modellers

  • Mariachi Band

  • Steel drums

  • Jazz Band

  • Close Up Magic

  • Bouncy Castles

  • Solo performers


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