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Katy is a young lady who possesses the unique qualities of the late and great Karen Carpenter. This Karen Carpenter Tribute Show is true to character, and Katy has the same unique quality in her natural voice that Karen is to always be remembered for.

Since Katy has been performing independently around the United Kingdom circuits, the consistent comments regarding the similarities in voice and appearance of herself and Karen Carpenter has inspired this brilliant impersonator to create a brand new show that promises pay homage to the late and great Karen Carpenter.  Katy’s Karen memory provoking performance is not just a show, it is an experience into ‘Yesterday Once More.’

Katy naturally has the same smooth, low, velvety tones that Karen became world-renowned for – she had a beguiling mystery to her voice that cannot be taught. Karen Carpenter made an enormous impact to the music industry with her voice and overall various musical talents plus her natural charisma and not forgetting the family connection alongside her brother Richard. The music of the Carpenters made a lot of people happy and reflective.

Katy’s Karen Carpenter Tribute Show will transport you back in time to the 1970’s back to when Karen was on the top of the world!

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